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Working together with the full support and involvement of staff, we will provide benefit to Councils and their stakeholders through improved levels of service, reduced costs, improved efficiency and/or increased value through innovation.

These will be achieved primarily through:

Joint Procurement Being the procurement of services or products by two or more Councils from an external provider regardless of whether the service is paid for through BOPLASS or individually by participating Councils.

• Shared Services Being the participation of two or more Councils in the provision of a common service which may be jointly or severally hosted.

Welcome to BOPLASS

BOPLASS Ltd is a company owned by nine councils - Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Rotorua District Council, Western Bay of Plenty District Council, Kawerau District Council, Tauranga City Council, Opotiki District Council, Whakatane District Council, Taupo District Council and Gisborne District Council.

The company has been established to promote shared services between local authorities in the Bay of Plenty/Gisborne Regions and elsewhere.

Partnering regions

KPMG have been appointed as preferred supplier of Internal Audit Services to the BOPLASS councils.

BOPLASS councils have recently collaborated in the appointment of a supplier for Eftpos services, achieving benefits for all participating councils.

BOPLASS' collective buying power has provided significant savings to councils in the purchasing of copyright licences while also simplifying and standardising licensing requirements.


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