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BOPLASS Project Methodology

Forms of Agreement

  • Faciliation
    BOPLASS assist with negotiations and arranges for direct charges back to councils.
  • Shared cost:
    An agreement with the supplier as to specification, support and prices etc, with a supporting agreement from involved councils as to payment. BOPLASS pays the supplier and invoices councils for their share on an agreed basis.
  • Shared equity:
    Where there is a specific need to recognise individual equity of councils owning a share of an asset BOPLASS can set up a specific shareholding arrangement for shares called “B” shares. These are non-voting shares which recognise the capital value of the asset and shares can be apportioned on the basis of each council’s contribution.
  • Subsidiary company:
    In the case of a significant activity requiring particular governance skills and/or involvement of joint venture partners, a subsidiary company could be set up. This is likely to be the least favoured option unless there is significant justification.

What is the project approval process?

Approval Process diagram


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Current and Identified projects


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