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Aerial Imagery and LiDAR* 2018/19 tender awarded

Substantial savings have been achieved by BOPLASS councils through their ongoing participation in the collective aerial photography programme. The 2018/19 tender for aerial imagery and LiDAR was been awarded to AAM NZ Ltd and resulted in savings to all councils through this combined approach. An additional financial saving of approximately $100,000 was achieved (beyond the benefits of a collective tender) through a unique flying and capture process being utilised.

*LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data, or height data, is precise laser measurements of the Earth's surface that is used for creating highly accurate 3D maps of the land. LiDAR is particularly useful for flood modelling purposes because it provides accurate terrain and surface models of the land. LiDAR allows us to better understand where water will flow, what protection may be needed and where the areas at greatest risk from flooding are.

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